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Vodafone Caller Tunes

Vodafone group is a telecommunication company with global presence with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. In terms of revenue, this is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company and by volume is second largest. The system of voice data fone is the basis of the name of the company. This is a system that shows the provision of the voice and data services that is provided through mobile phones. This is the former name, to which the group reverted back in 28th July, 2000. The first 3G voice call was done in the 3G network of United Kingdom. Various services that are found with the company are Vodafone Live, Vodafone at home, Vodafone mobile connect USB modem, Vodafone passport, Vodafone connect to friends, Vodafone freedom packs, Vodafone 710 and the Amobee Media Systems. It was in the month of June and August of 2009 that the roaming charges were deducted from the 35 countries in which it has its presence, so that the UK plan rates were applicable in the rest of the countries.

Vodafone Caller Tunes

Favorite songs can be played when callers call you. Songs that can be chosen can range from bollywood to international hits, and of various genres from instrumental to rock songs. Callertune can be set by recording own voice.

In case of people already having subscription – Rs 15 per song for 90 days.

For new subscribers  - Rs 30 rental charges with Rs 15 for every song which will remain valid for 90 days.

It now depends on the subscribers to set their callertune which can be done in a variety of ways such as dialing, SMS, voice call, Vodafone live, bolo kya bajayen, copy a caller tune and charges.

Through Dialing

Dialing *567# which is toll free, will result in activation of callertune. Then SMS can be sent with the song and movie name to 55655.

Through Voice

Calling to the given number of 123 one can listen to song options. Calling 56789 and saying callertunes will allow the caller to select the favorite song and set it for all callers or for any particular caller.

Through SMS

In case of searching a song, the name of the song is SMSed to 55655 and the list of songs is received as sms. From this list, one can select the song for caller tunes by sending a reply with the song number. More options can also be looked at by clicking on more.

Through Vodafone live

Through GPRS connection, one can log into Vodafone Live and music section is visited to find the callertune of one’s choice.

Copy A Caller Tune

In case you like the callertune of your friend, then call the friend on the friend’s Vodafone number and the number 9 is pressed before the call is picked up to make the caller tune as yours also. This is possible to be done anywhere in the country.

Bolo Kya Bajayen

By this service, one can find out the songs that are in the list by sending sms or through voice call.

SMS is send with the song name or movie to 55655 and the list is received from which a reply is sent with the number of the song to set the caller tune.

By calling 55655, the name of the song is only said into the phone so that the song option is played and you can then easily select it.


  • Find out how much Callertunes will cost you.
  • Dail the song code at 30p/min.
  • Subscription charges @ Rs 30 / month.
  • SMS to 56789 @ Rs 3 / sms.
  • SMS to 55655 is toll free.
  • Calls to 56789 @ Rs 6 / min.
  • Calls to 55655 @ Rs 1/min.
  • Vodafone live! usage charges @ 10p / 10KB.
  • Song selected first is charged for 90 days only by calling 56789. Then onwards, Rs 15 will be charged for subsequent 90 days.
  • For songs selected by SMS, Rs 15 will be charged. Rs 15 will be charged for 90 days again or until the next song is selected, depending on the one which is earlier.

Top Callertunes

Sno Song name Movie / Album SMS Code
1 Saadda Haq Atthe Rakh Rockstar 2580799
2 Tum Ho Pass Mere Rockstar 2580800
3 Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Murder 2 10038012
4 Teri Meri Meri Teri Male Bodyguard 10038538
5 Katiya Karun Katiya Karun Rockstar 2580816
6 Chammak Challo Ra One 2570767
7 Mere Rehnumma Dildaara Ra One 2570766
8 I Love You Bodyguard 10038535
9 Jo Bhi Main Kehna Rockstar 2580806
10 Aye Khuda Gir Gaya Murder 2 10038011

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